There are plenty of Linux distros to choose from. And this can make it confusing for anybody wanting to move away from Windows in favor of something more secure. Even existing Linux users may be slightly unsure as to which Linux distro they ought to be using if they value privacy and security.

The distro features a built-in Bitcoin wallet ideal for users looking to make secure cryptocurrency transactions. Kali Linux. Kali Linux is an industry standard pentesting distro. It is one of the most popular distros among pentesters, ethical hackers and security researchers worldwide and contains hundreds of tools. Edubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros for kids and with good reason. This is an official spin-off of the regular Ubuntu distro and was created by the folks over at Canonical themselves in collaboration with renowned teachers and educators. Jul 19, 2020 · Parrot is cloud-friendly Linux distribution and unlike other ethical hacking operating systems, Parrot OS is a lightweight Linux distro — runs over machines which have minimum 265Mb of RAM and it is suitable for both 32bit (i386) and 64bit (amd64), with a special edition it works on old 32bit machines (486). Oh, yah, in most Linux distributions you need to enable the firewall like in windows. So, yah a simple update keeps you Linux distro secure because of how the operating systems and Linux Kernel are designed! There is more than one type of Linux firewall, so I am sure some can be tweaked for domains, ip address and ports etc . . .

Linux Mint is a great 'default' distro for new Linux users, as it comes with a lot of the software you'll need when switching from Mac or Windows, such as LibreOffice, the favored

Jan 17, 2019 · Whonix Linux is a popular alternative to Tails Linux by offering a safe environment allowing the users to surf the Internet using the TOR anonymous network. The secure connection not only guarantees the privacy of the Internet users, but also provides protection from certain types of cyber attacks like man-in-the-middle. Dec 13, 2019 · Linux Mint is arguably the best Linux desktop and certainly one of the most popular distributions out there and deservedly so with its Cinnamon desktop. But Linux Mint also ships a flavor with KDE, one that my Boss seems to really like quite a lot. Linux Mint KDE brings the beauty of KDE to the stability and quality of Linux Mint. If you happen Jun 12, 2020 · Tails Linux operating system has been hailed as the most secure Linux distro by geeks and Linux users. In fact, it is the Linux Distro of choice for its security and giving anonymity to users. And Tails Linux distro also has a built-in Tor browser for browsing the dark web.

SEE ALSO: Metasploit Commands List for 2020 - Ultimate Cheat Sheet. Whonix - Linux Distro for Anonymity. Whonix, the best OS of you, wish to private your IP address. It is a Debian based OS that focuses primarily on anonymity security and privacy.

Most beautiful Linux distro isn't a criteria which can judge an operating system's capabilities in the true sense, but it plays a major role whenever someone is choosing a new distro. The below list of Linux distributions is only focused on security, ethical hacking, and auditing network security. The Linux distros below come with many tools that can be used in various aspects of information security and other research tasks. Kali Linux: Rebirth of BackTrack. This is the most popular Linux distro for ethical hacking!