Oct 29, 2009

VPN over Comcast business gateway Solutions | Experts Exchange Had a point to point VPN connecting over Comcast using SMC gateway in all locations. Netgear FVS214 routers at all locations using Netgear IPSec setup. All was working fine and then one day it quits. Cannot find out why. Nothing we control appears to have changed. Any ideas on where to check or what alternatives are available. Best VPN Services for Comcast - Best Reviews Comcast is the single largest telecommunications company in the U.S., and the largest broadcasting company in the world. A multi-billon dollar business, Comcast holds a status in world media that is almost privileged.Because of this belief, the company has a history of stepping a bit too far into the less acceptable territories of media abuse.This article is going to discuss two aspects of Setting up Comcast Business Class IPv6 & IPv4 with Static Setting up Comcast Business Class IPv6 & IPv4 with Static Allocations to PFsense Setting up Comcast Business Class IPv6 & IPv4 with Static Allocations to PFsense We have a PFsense appliance (running 2.4.0) attached to the cable modem to handle the firewall and VPN connections, and the cable modem is a Comcast/Cisco DPC3941B. VPN behind comcast SMC box | Technibble Forums

Jul 12, 2014 · The supplied SMC modem cannot be set into passthrough mode without a static IP. I personally think that supplying this as the standard modem to business clients is sub-par on the part of Comcast. The purpose of the VPN is to get access to the onsite PBX statistics URL from time to time. Very non-critical check-ins on the part of the business owner.

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[answered ] How to set up Comcast Business Class static IP

Hi all, I just upgraded to Business Class, the tech installed the SMC gateway and the phone modem, and I am looking at setting up the static IPs (no thanks to Comcast) for specific hosts on my network, which in my instance are a dual quad-core Xeon with 16 GBs RAM and 1 TB storage running ESXi, and several Ubuntu Server 12.04 VMs running on the ESXi server. How to Run Static IP Through Comcast Business Class Modem Static IP purchased through Comcast x.x.x.150 gateway, and x.x.x.149 IP; Zyxel VPN300 router; Small Linux Server; Here's what I need to do: I need to set the VPN300 to be the x.x.x.149 static IP and then port forward 80 and 22 to the small linux server (in the future maybe I can get VPN working, but baby steps at …