Jul 10, 2016 · We know that in javascript we can open a new window. The snag is I don’t want to have my users click another button or link or screen when my server PHP process completes. I want the process to complete, then automatically open the document. guess what? PHP can send javascript commands! okay… now it’s easy. In the PHP script that is

It looks like one site can open another site in a new window, but it can't manipulate the other site once the window is open (same-origin policy). Is there some varying hidden form value on the page that you need to re-send in the POST request? If not, then perhaps the ideas in my answer below might work for you. – Bavi_H Jan 21 '11 at 3:34 Opening Multiple Projects - Help | PhpStorm Jun 30, 2020 how to open link in same window - WebDeveloper.com Forums

I know you can use header to set a Location:, and I was wondering whether it was possible to send a header to say "open this location in a new window". Of course I know you can't execute PHP client-side, I do know the difference. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear enough for you. – Jack Aug 10 '10 at 21:20

you mean new window? If so then you will need to load a page containing javascript. 2) Why doesn't the new URL show up in the address box on the browser? basically this happens. Browser: Mr Server can i have page.php Server: Yes let me run it through the PHP program [Stage Directions: Server to go to next.php] Server: Here is the page you asked for PHP: opendir - Manual A simple piece to open a directory and display any files with a given extension. Great for things like newsletters, score sheets or the like where you just want to make it easy on the user - they just dump in the file with the correct extension and it's done. A link is given to the file which opens up in a new window.

Opening Multiple Projects - Help | PhpStorm

DHHS Open Window Open Window also contains key planning and performance information for DHHS as well as for our divisions and offices. Through Open Window, you will see what services, programs and contracts are provided, how they are funded; and whether our performance is producing results for our customers. Cannot open PHP file? windows 10 - Microsoft Community Apr 02, 2016 Target="_blank" in header() php function - PHP - The Aug 30, 2014