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How to delete all browsing history The above method is essential if you just want to clear specific entries from your history, or for deleting only the past hour or day of websites. Delete Browsing History On Any Device Fast! As you go from one website to another, your virtual footprints will be saved on your computer with information including the date and timestamp of each page load. Each internet browsers has a different way of giving you access to this data so that you can view your internet history or delete it. Question: Q: Automatically Clear Safari Browsing History Feb 23, 2008 4 Ways to View and Recovery Deleted History on iPhone (iOS

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Sep 19, 2019 Permanent Deletion of Web History on Your iPhone Oct 31, 2016 How to clear your browser history on iPhone and iPad

Well the easiest way is just to clear history before you quit, you can also go to preferences and under the general tab set clear history to 1 day.

How to Delete Internet Browsing History on iPhone | My 2. DELETE SPECIFIC IPHONE’S INTERNET BROWSING HISTORY ON SAFARI. Step 1 In your iPhone, open your Safari browser. Step 2 In your Safari, tap at the Bookmark icon below the Safari App. Step 3 Tap the ‘Clock” icon at the top to open the “History” section. Step 4 Choose which website history you want to delete. Swipe left and tap delete