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We have updated our Linux VPN command-line tool! These instructions are for version 2.0 of our Linux client. and this Linux client tool is the ONLY WAY for me to have no DNS leaks. If i connect with standard OpenVPN client or KDE NetworkManager – I have stable DNS leaks. But anyway this Linux client tool is a nice thing! 🙂 You must log GitHub - OpenVPN/openvpn3-linux: OpenVPN 3 Linux client The openvpn2 front-end is a command line interface which tries to be similar to the old and classic openvpn-2.x generation. It supports most of the options used by clients and will ignore unsupported options which does not impact the ability to get a connection running. openvpn - How to view connected users to open vpn server restart openvpn server. systemctl restart openvpn@server.service add an OpenVPN Monitor Python package - this will run via a Gunicorn web server and show active connections, mkdir /opt/openvpn-monitor create a virtual env (not required but good practice with py packages) cd /opt/openvpn-monitor virtualenv venv source venv/bin/activate

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Jul 07, 2020

Pritunl Client - Open Source OpenVPN Client

Jun 20, 2011